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Public liability insurance: a must for landlords

It can be difficult to make sure you've got all the documents you need as a landlord, but something you should definitely take out is public liability insurance. At Landlord Insurance, you will find products to help you protect your investment.

When you've spent lots of money on buying a property to rent out, you will want to take out adequate policies that will enable you to earn an income from your asset for as long as possible. We know how important your equity is to you, which is why we will help you find the right insurance for you and your property.

We have excellent relationships with banks, lenders and building societies and are, therefore, able to offer you great deals on insurance. With our experience and contacts, you can be confident that you will receive the best protection possible - whatever type of property you own.

What is public liability insurance?

Before signing up to public liability insurance, it is worth finding out everything you need to know about the product. Being a landlord involves more than just finding tenants and making sure the house or flat is kept in a good condition. You also need to protect yourself in case an accident occurs in the property that could affect your residents.

Lots of incidents regularly happen inside a busy household, some of which your tenant can argue you may be responsible for. For instance, someone might slip on the stairs as a result of a badly-fitted carpet and blame you for their subsequent injuries.

Having public liability insurance means you are protected in the event that a tenant makes a claim against for you for an incident such as this, as well as for damage to their personal property. Typical policies cover landlords for any awards given to the claimant and their legal costs if you are found to be at fault. Your own legal costs will also be taken care of by your insurance provider, whether you are found liable for the damage or injury or not.

While you might hope that you won't have to face these issues, if you do come up against a claim while letting out a property, it could cause you financial difficulties. This risk is magnified if you own a buy-to-let flat or house over a number of years or if you have more than one asset.

How can Landlord Insurance help you?

At Landlord Insurance, we aim to provide the right policy for you, finding products that will suit your budget and give you the protection you require.

You can take a look at our policies online and discuss your options with members of staff at our UK contact centre, who will be able to help with any queries you have. They will also assist you if you want to add any extra covers to the policy, giving you advice on what would benefit you as a landlord the most. To stay up to date with the latest landlord trends, you can also take a look at our news page.

Landlord Insurance is a subsidiary of Landlord Mortgages, which is authorised by the Financial Services Authority and the winner of the Best Buy to Let Mortgage Broker of the Year award five times. Therefore, you can be confident when signing up to a policy with us.

We offer big discounts for landlords who have a number of properties on their portfolio, as well as deals for all our insurance clients. So, if you're interested in taking out public liability insurance with us, call us on 0800 917 3324 or contact us.

Call us now on
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